• Insufficient ACH funds at time of withdrawal. Effective May 11, 2017 Lincoln County Rural Water will charge a $30.00 ACH returned item fee.

  • Lincoln County Rural Water System, Inc. valve marker signs.

Please leave these signs where the water system installs them.

Lincoln County Rural Water System installs valve marker signs to identify the location of mainline valves and service line valves (curb stops). The curb stop valve is used to shut water off to individual members for various reasons including at the request of the water user. One of the those reasons is to give the water system the ability to shut off your water in an emergency.

In most places there are valves installed in the homes and businesses that you the consumer would be able to shut off if needed. If for some reason the valve in your home does not shut off your water you would probably call a plumber to repair. The plumber or the water user would call the water system to shut your water off so he can repair your valve. An employee of the water system would come to your home or business, locate that curb stop and shut off the water.

If the sign is gone or relocated the water system employee would first have to locate the valve after which he would expose it then shut it off. If there is snow or other obstruction it may take much longer than it should to locate the curb stop.

If there is an emergency in your home because of a broken pipe. I have to believe you would prefer the system employee would be shutting the water off instead of taking several minutes or more looking for that curb stop valve. You would not want your basement filling with water because we are spending time looking for an unmarked curb stop.

Our employees are in the process of locating all the members curb stops and installing signs where they are missing. These signs are the property of the water system and need to stay next to the valves. If the signs are removed the system will install a new one and charge the member for the cost of another sign and the time to install the sign.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Robin L. Dykstra, manager

Lincoln County Rural Water System, Inc.